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jeudi 22 avril 2010

Pause musicale avec Okou - Eye For An Eye

Encore un coup de coeur ;)
Nom du groupe :
Okou - Album : Serpentine

OKOU - Serpentine
It was bound to happen: The world without borders, Okou create chaos in our fixed ideas.
They have created a music that is sophisticated, acoustic, spiritually inhabited, free and played as if it didn't belong to time.

Okou is neither Folk, Pop, World, or Soul but a turmoil of all these.

Okou is a new adventure: Tatiana Heintz & Gilbert Trefzger met 3 years ago. From a French father and an Ivorian mother,she lived her young life in West Africa. In a bar she meets Gilbert Trefzger, a Swiss guitarist with Egyptian roots who plays the Oud, Slide Guitar and Banjo.

The album was recorded in 5 days in live conditions. The casting which was directed by
Jean-Philippe Allard and Jay Newland, who produced the album, was exceptional: on double bass Ira Coleman, on percussion and drums Andrew Borger, on Tuba Dave Bargeron, on Accordeon and Piano Brian Mitchell, the string arrangements are signed Gil Goldstein who also played the Accordeon.

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