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vendredi 1 mai 2009

Douce Folie - Two Chapters Cut By Intermission

Two Chapters Cut By Intermission

Chapter one

Adam hunted sunsets on the Adriatic
While Eve was floating in Abyssinia.
Romeo was defending the cause of
                    penguins in Antarctic,
Whilst Juliet had a good time in California

                    Intermission -

It's time to fall asleep
And catch a

In the sleeping-place... with roof well steep
Hours are wept and
The bee-keeper in a deep
- By scratching his thigh -
Tells bees stories to the innkeeper,
Which he's a worshiper.
The innkeeper,
                    one ear cocked
- Not crooked -
Observes the keeper of the records
Nose in the forewords
Plunged into his keepsakes
Of evenings pancakes.

It was a moment
                    between friends,
                    or a simple story
Made in a hurry...

                    - End of Intermission

Chapter Two

Maybe Romeo and Juliet will meet in Cyprus
They will be able to read the legend of
                    the birth of Aphrodite
                    on a prospectus
Concerning Adam and Eve: they're a lost cause
Unless the Red knight offers them... a giant
...Not easy even for the most fearless of the knights
But here ends the second chapter, ...

Poème © Liz - 30/IV/2009

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