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jeudi 6 novembre 2008

Douce Folie - Fairy tale

Fairy tale

Firstly, formerly
Five frivolous fowls frequented a frolicsome frog
Result: freedom foundation has forgotten a formidable fox
Farther, a fisherman finishes fin on his fiancée

Fever on freeway
Fiasco with fanaticals

Together fortunately we're fortunate
Forgotten and forsaken
Inside the flavour of plenty flowers

For no reason,
A fancy fantasy fans fashion,
The fear fabricates with some fluff, feed for fairy

Fern films her friend: a fine fir
With a faithful faculty

It's a fragile fairy tale about feelings
Maybe about my dear fellow
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Poème © Liz - 05/Novembre/2008

2 commentaires:

  1. pour faire original et comme d'hab,j'adore :) toujours un plaisir à lire huhu


  2. Pour faire original à mon tour : Merci merci Aurore :)