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vendredi 20 juillet 2007

Absinthe: The Effects

What about the effects of drinking absinthe? Here are two reports from London and Chicago:
One night I was left sitting, drinking alone, and very late in the Café Royal, and I had just got into the third stage when a waiter came in with a green apron and began to pile the chairs on the tables. “Time to go, sir” he called to me. Then he brought in a watering can and began to water the floor. “Time’s up, sir. I’m afraid you must go now, sir.”
“Waiter, are you watering the flowers?”, I asked but he didn’t answer.
“What are your favorite flowers, waiter?” I asked again. “Now sir, I must really ask you to go now, time’s up, he said firmly. “I’m sure that tulips are your favorite flowers, I said, and as I got up and passed out into the street I felt the heavy tulip heads brushing against my shins.”
Oscar Wilde, London (1890) describes the effects of absinthe drinking

2 commentaires:

  1. je connaissais pas cette histoire,mdr. Il est génial,lol

  2. Contente que ceci t'ai plu ;) et merci encore pour les scans miss, bises!